The day Mom became my guardian angel

When my son, a US Marine, phoned and told us that he was flying a piece of equipment to Yuma, Arizona, and would have a couple days Liberty while there, I couldn’t make my plane reservation quick enough.  My parents have been Yuma snowbirds for years, and have always wanted me to come visit them while there.  This was the PERFECT opportunity to see both my parents, and my son.

A couple days before I was to fly there, my son phoned and told me to cancel my flight, as his orders had changed, and he would only be in Yuma one night.  I pondered cancelling, but felt an urging to go anyways.  So. Glad. I. Did.

Had an amazing couple days with my parents .  We saw the sights, swam in their pool, and spent a fabulous day in Mexico (margaritas included).  Mom helped me get some good deals on the much coveted sunglasses and purses that I’m absolutely sure ARE authentic name brand goods at a fraction of the cost !  It was a great day.

We got home, said good night, Mom walking off with a smile.  I sat in bed that night thinking how much I loved getting ALL Moms attention the past couple days.  With two older sisters and lots of grandchildren in our family, times spent one on one with Mom were rare.  I fell asleep I’m quite sure, with a smile on my face.

The next morning I awoke to a pounding on my door.  My Dad bluntly says, “I think your mother is dead.”  I started to grin a bit, as my Dad, forever the jokester.  Then I looked at his eyes and just knew.

I ran into their bedroom and saw Moms lifeless body.  I jumped on her, preparing to do CPR.  Once I felt her skin and looked at her coloring, I knew she had left us sometime in the night.  I started screaming….. Screaming like a crazy person.  “MOM!!!  WAKE UP MOM!!!!  DONT LEAVE ME!!!!”  The most surreal moment of my life.

I then realized that Dad was standing behind me, and knew I needed to pull myself together for his sake.

The medical examiner ruled it a cardio related death.  Her heart just ceased.

The past 3 months have been a blur…a nightmare that I keep hoping to wake from.   I take comfort in knowing Mom didn’t suffer.  She fell asleep that night I’m sure also reflecting on the awesome day we had together.

I’m so thankful that God put me there at that time to be with my Dad.  Gods plan is perfect.  It is perfect.  I will mourn the loss of my mother, every single day of my life, but take comfort in knowing that I WILL be reunited with her someday .  🍒🍒🍒